Suzy Cat

Friday, 30 November 2012

Cosy Night

Brrrrr - this weeks been a cold one.
Hate getting out of bed on cold mornings don't you?  First coffee of the day doesn't warm you through so you have a second....then you go hunting for extra layers of clothes to wear to keep warm.  And, then there's the hassle of de-icing the car - have to give yourself extra time before you go anywhere.  At this time of the year my favourite time is when all the daily tasks are over and we snuggle down in front of a cosy fire. Come on in and take a look ..

Does that give you a warm glow?
Why are the plates on the hearth?
Oh, it's fish n chip night in our house tonight. His nibbs will be back any minute with them. Yummy, yummy!!
While we waiting I will show you how I've progressed with the knitted nativity figures. Take a look - 

Remember the knitted pieces in my last post? Doesn't look like a scarecrow now does he?! This is one of the kings.  I can be a little disobedient at times and do not always follow patterns to the full - already I'm thinking of adding one or two jewels to this little man.  
Watch this space for the finished set!
Have a good weekend and take care in this icy weather.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Peek!

Here's a peek of some of my knitting - this post is called my crafty corner after all! Tis only fair I show you something I'm working on!

Knitted Nativity Figures

I've knitted all the pieces but putting them together is my least favourite bit and takes me AGES!!
The yellow king on the left looks like a scarecrow don't you think?!! I'll have to work on him!!
We'll see how far I've progressed next time I post.
Have a lovely time whatever you're up to this weekend.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Still here!!

Well, I'm still here playing around with colours, designs, photos etc. trying to get the hang of this blogging business!!!  Bear with me while I find my way around - we will get there eventually!! 

Looking forward to tomorrow - because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! That means last day at work for the week! As soon as I hear 'The Candy Man' on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show I shall leap out of bed and get the working day out of the way! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to.  I may drop in - if not I'll be back next week to update you on me and mine. x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hi there!

Hello out there!!  

After thinking about it for two years I'm finally blogging!

I do hope it's easy peasy and we share many happy hours together x